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PSP WaterJet invests in apprenticeships

PSP WaterJet, a division of PSP, has taken on an apprentice following National Apprenticeship Week 2012.

James Goring has joined the company, which creates custom cut signs and artwork for a wide range of industries.

17-year-old James is currently based at the PSP WaterJet’s headquarters in Freemantle and works alongside the team one day a week while spending the rest of his time studying a BTEC Level 2 diploma in engineering at City College Southampton. From September, he will work with the company four days a week, spending one day a week continuing his studies at college.

James has already begun applying the skills he is learning at college as he undertakes CAD drawing, stonework and manufacturing for PSP WaterJet.

He said:

“I’m really grateful for the opportunity I’ve been given. I learn best when I’m actually doing things so an apprenticeship is perfect for me. I get vocational learning at City College and then the chance to put it into a real life experience in the workplace.”

Lindsey Noble, Principal and CEO of City College Southampton, said:

“It is very encouraging to see businesses taking note of National Apprenticeship Week and realising the potential benefits of taking on an apprentice. I commend PSP WaterJet and PSP for investing in young talent and hope that other companies follow suit.”

Statistics released on January 31 show that 457,200 apprenticeship starts were delivered in the full 2010/11 academic year. This represents a 63.5% increase on 2009/10 figures.

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